Looking Forward 2017

I don’t normally do New Year posts.  I generally believe that if you want to make changes it can happen anytime in the year, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in January.  I still believe this but this January feels a little bit different and I wanted to note that.  There are things I want to achieve this year, differences I want to make in myself and I want to write them down so I can remind myself of them throughout the year.

I don’t do resolutions.  For the reason mentioned above and the fact that I never stick to them, but I do want to make a few changes.  Not for anyone else, but changes for me and for the benefit of my boys.

  1.  Look for the positives – I have a tendency to sometimes be a bit negative (especially at work) and this doesn’t lead to anything good.  I’ve spent too long feeling a bit sad and the reason for that isn’t there anymore and I want to celebrate that.
  2. Be more organised – A bit of a cliche one but I know that when I’m not organised I get stressed and then I get shouty.  I have purchased a family planner to keep track of what everyone is up to (needed just for O’s social life) and forward planning is the order of the day.
  3. De-clutter – Our house is bursting at the seams with stuff!  There’s no other way to describe it other than just stuff that needs to be cleared out.  All G’s outgrown clothes can go to charity shops and my wardrobe needs a good sort through and that’s one of the first jobs on my list for Janury.
  4. Experiment more – This is more in terms of my appearance than anything else.  For so long I have had almost the same hairstyle, and worn very similar clothes and as a woman approaching 40 (I’ve still got a few years to go mind) it’s time to see what else suits me.  My parents bought me a hair curler for Christmas and I am loving wearing my hair in a different style, I should have bought one years ago.
  5. Tone up – Having lost most of the baby weight I am still a bit wobbly in places, Christmas hasn’t helped, and whilst I think I’m quit good at hiding my flabby bits with clothes I don’t want t have to do that when summer arrives.  We have a lovely holiday booked for August and I want to look my best in a bikini.

I’m not one for huge lists and I do like a round number, it’s the Maths teacher in me, so I’m going to leave it there.  They are changes I need to make and hopefully they will impact on all areas of my life.  I’m so excited for 2017 and can’t wait to see what it brings to our family.  It feels like it’s our time!



  1. January 1, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Love the list. I’m a woman approaching 40 too…does this mean we are all grown up now? I have two main ones and they are to put my laundry away as soon as it’s dry and to do sit ups. I am going to find it really hard to do either of those!
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