Love The Little Things #4

Love The Little Things #4

This is what we’ve been enjoying this week:

For Christmas O’s godparents bought him a lovely set of new books by Julia Donaldson so we are working our way through them at bedtime. We’ve read Freddie and the Fairy a few times and it’s a lovely story. O asks “what’s that?” on every page but that’s pretty standard at the minute.


Last Friday night we watched The Butterfly Effect on a friends recommendation. It took us a while to suss out what was going on but a great film that had us completely hooked from the very beginning, I loved it.

Loving the new Tinie Tempah and Labrinth song, Lover Not A Fighter. Slightly biased by these two (if you read my Love The Little Things last week you’ll know why) but I think it’s great!

My little man isn’t really a sweet tooth but he does love a spot of cake, so I made him a lemon drizzle cake this week. I didn’t touch a slice, honest!


This week I’ve been getting back into the swing of going to the gym so have been wearing my not so glamourous gym kit. Hoping it pays off so that when we get to Spring I’ll fit nicely into my summer gear (too much Christmas indulgence hanging round at the minute)

And lastly…
One of the nicest things to happen this week was for one of my Year 13 students to find out she had been successful in applying for a sponsored degree with KPMG. She is an exceptional girl, very bright but also one of the loveliest kids I’ve ever taught. Good on her! I’m not surprised her mum was cracking open the champagne!



  1. Mummy Hearts You
    January 24, 2014 / 9:24 am

    Cant beat a bit of cake! Love lemon drizzle, my mouth is watering just looking at it!

    • notafrumpymum
      January 24, 2014 / 7:52 pm

      I love lemon drizzle cake too, it’s quite lovely. Trying not to eat it all x

  2. Morgana @ butwhymummywhy
    January 24, 2014 / 9:34 am

    We love Julia Donaldson books too. I haven’t come across Freddie and the Fairy though, so I must keep an eye out.
    Love lemon drizzle cake! How did you resist? January is such a write of diet wise for me with 2 birthdays and an anniversary. Will try harder next month!
    Have a great weekend xx

    • notafrumpymum
      January 24, 2014 / 8:08 pm

      It’s a really lovely story, definitely a good bedtime read. The cake stand off lasted one day, tucking into it tonight.

      Have a lovely weekend too xx

  3. Jenny
    January 24, 2014 / 9:37 am

    That lemon drizzle looks amazing. OMgoodness. Wish I was that talented. I will have to check out the fairy book, I am always looking for new books for the kids as I get sick of reading the same ones over and over, like Charlie Cook’s favourite book, where I even have dreamt about it. lol

    • notafrumpymum
      January 24, 2014 / 10:28 pm

      The fairy book is lovely, we’ve got the captain cook book but not got round to reading it yet. I’ll have to try it next week xx

  4. January 24, 2014 / 11:16 am

    Oh gosh I adore lemon drizzle cake… runs off to get ingredients together… #LittleLoves

  5. January 24, 2014 / 4:30 pm

    I think I’ve seen the butterfly effect, has it got Ashton Kutchner in or am I thinking of a completely different movie? Quite a good one if I remember well. I love the Julia Donaldson books and so do my kids, her stories are so much fun! Found your blog via the link up and added myself to your bloglovin followers 🙂

  6. Desiree Arpin
    January 24, 2014 / 5:23 pm

    You just now watched The Butterfly Effect? Oh my goodness. That movie is pretty out there. It’s not all that easy to follow. The second one looks more low budget and really stunk.
    Visiting from So Sew Mama. #LittleLoves

  7. January 24, 2014 / 10:30 pm

    All great stuff. Brilliant news re your student. Makes it all feel worthwhile hey. Best of luck to her.
    PS- send me some cake. 🙂

    • notafrumpymum
      January 24, 2014 / 10:32 pm

      She’s done brilliantly, yes very proud. I’d love to but no cake left! Hubby’s ate half and me and O have managed to polish off the rest! Good job I’ve been to the gym tonight! x

  8. MissMelvis
    January 26, 2014 / 4:16 pm

    Your lemon drizzle cakes looks amazing!! I’m really craving cake today! xx

  9. January 28, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    It’d be a shame to not try a piece of that delicious looking cake! I must make one soon, love lemon drizzle x

  10. January 29, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    The lemon drizzle cake looks delicious!

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