Mild Panics, Mini Breaks & A Little Fish Fan #LittleLoves

I had a little break from Little Loves last week as we had a panicky couple of days as O picked up a tummy bug just as we were due to go away.  On Thursday night and Friday morning he was so ill and I was starting to think we would have to cancel our trip to Spain as there was no way he would be fit to travel.  I don’t know how children manage to do it but throughout the course of the day he picked up and by Friday evening was so much better that we could start to get our hopes up that we would make our flight on Saturday morning.

Luckily we did, and it was a break that all of us needed.  The first half of this year so far has been a tough one and we really needed some time away from everything to just relax.  This weeks Little Loves have been:


Before the hols I treated myself to a Kindle, I had a few John Lewis vouchers left over from Christmas to put towards it so as I only wanted the cheapest version it didn’t cost me too much.  Despite being adamant I would never be a Kindle reader I was a complete convert within the hour.  Anyway, I won’t bore you with my new found Kindle love, but will move on to what I have been reading.


Did you know the lovely Jess at Catch A Single Thought has written a book, Secrets Of The River, and it was released a couple of weeks ago.  She very kindly sent a copy to my Kindle (I had no idea you could even do that) so that I could have a read and let you know what I thought.  The story follows the main character Isabelle as she moves to live with her sister in a French town after a tragedy back at home.  The more you read the more it seems that everyone in the town has their own secrets they want to keep hidden and you don’t want to put it down as you are so eager to find out what they are.

For me it was a perfect holiday read, mystery, romance and a beautiful French setting.  I’m currently trying to persuade my husband that we need to hire a French villa for our holidays next year.


We haven’t watched too much this week with being away but one of my favourite moments of the holiday was watching O tuck into our barbecued sea bass.  He really is such a fussy eater, given the chance he would survive on Rice Krispies, Pom Bears and Custard Creams, and it is a constant worry to me.  On Monday we went to our favourite beach restaurant where they cook your fish on an outdoor BBQ, and we ordered a sea bass to share between the three of us.  We put some on O’s plate and he was shuffling it into his mouth and asking for more.  We still couldn’t tempt him with the salad though!



Mostly crickets.  My in-laws villa is way up in the Andalucian mountain and we spent two nights there before flying home.  It is so peaceful and quiet that the only sound is crickets that you can never see but are so loud.


And the sound of the sea, I love being by the water, I could watch it for hours.


We “made” some time to be a couple.  (Sorry, I know it’s lame)  It seems like such a long time since we had been out as a two rather than a three but one of the benefits of having the grandparents with us is that they are more than happy to babysit O whilst we had some time on our own.  It was lovely just to walk along holding hands and eat dinner without having to keep a three year old entertained at the same time.



I’m going to hand over to O here because if I’m being brutally honest with myself I’ve felt a bit uncomfortable this holiday.  I know I’ve put on a bit of weight recently and it made me quite self-conscious of what I was wearing on holiday.  In lots of ways it was a bit of a wake up call and now that I’m back home it’s time to do something about it.

When I bought this little playsuit from the Little Bird range at Mothercare I wasn’t too sure how much wear we’d get out of it.  It really was the most useful item of clothing we took with us.  It was perfect for changing O into after being on the beach or in the pool as it was so easy to slip on.  I’m really tempted to head back and get the next size up ready for next year.


And Lastly…

It really is lovely to get away and have a break from routine but there is no place like home and it was wonderful to be back in our own house yesterday and get a proper cup of tea.


Hope you all had a lovely week.






  1. Dawn
    May 29, 2015 / 9:58 am

    Sounds like you got the R & R that you needed on your break! It’s so awful when they are ill, and kids seem to have a built in devise so that they are always unwell when you’ve got a big event planned!! Hope you have a fab weekend xx
    Dawn recently posted…School sports day, Roald Dahl and writing plays #littlelovesMy Profile

  2. Potty Mouthed Mummy
    May 29, 2015 / 10:30 am

    Bless you feeling self conscious lovely. I felt the same on our holiday if I’m honest so determined to feel comfortable for my next holiday in swimwear.

    So glad O was better in time. I loved the pictures, looked gorgeous. I adore the sea. I also adore my kindle. Makes my bag so much lighter on the commute and saves so much space in my house too.

    Lovely to have you back xxx
    Potty Mouthed Mummy recently posted…The Tea and Cake | Edition No. 19My Profile

  3. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy
    May 29, 2015 / 10:31 am

    What a lovely post, sounds like you had a great time, what a beautiful place to have a Villa. It makes me sad seeing all these posts where people feel conscious. Mainly because I know I’m about 10 times the size of any of you haha. I’m glad O is a lot better and you had a great week #littleloves
    Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy recently posted…Mia Wray, Little Magic Pieces and the end of Depression #littlelovesMy Profile

  4. May 29, 2015 / 10:58 am

    I know I’ve said it already but I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book, it’s a bit nerve-wracking sending it ‘out there’! I love France, we’re off to a villa in July and I cannot wait…it’s such a beautiful place. It sounds like you had a great break away too; fab that you got some time as a couple as well. I heart the playsuit, really must get one for E before we go away. Have a great week lovely! #littleloves
    Jess @ Catch A Single Thought recently posted…Books, Beaches and A Little Bit of Eurovision #LittleLovesMy Profile

  5. May 29, 2015 / 9:21 pm

    My husband always raves about his Kindle but I just love having a book in my hand…and it would also mean he was right 😉 Maybe I need to borrow his and check it out. I’m so glad you made it on your holiday – what a nightmare!!! Kids ey? I know exactly what you mean about holding hands when walking – it is so nice when you get the chance! I’m so glad you got some sun and time together! Lovely. Have a wonderful weekend! xx
    Esther @ Inside Out and About recently posted…#LittleLoves – home comforts, films and a finished bookMy Profile

  6. May 30, 2015 / 11:12 am

    Sounds like you had an amazing holiday. I’ve spent 5 years in Andalucia, so I’m a bit of a fan too 😉 You look gorgeous in the pics you took of your holiday on Instagram. I’d kill to have a figure like yours (I’m double your size if not bigger!) but I know what you mean, everyone has a size they’re comfortable with, but rest assured you look lovely anyway! I always said I’d never want a kindle – til I got one! I must admit I do miss ‘real’ books, but a kindle is so easy and you always have 1000s of books at your finger tips it’s definitely worth getting one. Have a great week x
    MumReinvented recently posted…Purple Blossom, Job News and Cooking up a Storm #littlelovesMy Profile

  7. May 30, 2015 / 3:55 pm

    Smarties!! I haven’t had smarties in years. I know exactly what you mean about cups of tea – we went to Cumbria last week and even the tea there wasn’t the same as at home. It sounds like you had a much needed break and I’m glad you all had a lovely time x

    • May 30, 2015 / 4:06 pm

      I’m not really a Smartie fan but they came with a Lightning McQueen toy and I couldn’t say no to O. xx

  8. May 31, 2015 / 9:58 am

    Sounds like you had a lovely holiday, so glad that you made it despite O’s tummy bug. An outdoor BBQ restaurant is such a great idea – all the joy of a BBQ without the stress of keeping it going :p hope you’ve had a good weekend xx

  9. May 31, 2015 / 8:06 pm

    Glad O recovered for the holiday, and you sound quite chilled out like it has done you the world of good! I swore I would never be a kindle reader either – but I bought one with vouchers too! I use mine as a tablet as well though so the way I see it, it was much cheaper than an IPad! Hope you’re having a lovely week x
    Mel @mydaysni recently posted…#LittleLoves featuring My Boys, Elephants and That Darn Rhubarb!My Profile

  10. Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely
    June 1, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    Thank goodness you were all well enough in the end. My two always seem to get the sniffles before we go away and I end up filling the suitcase with Calpol. I’m not yet converted to a Kindle. I like a proper book. But … I have downloaded Jess’ book on to my iPad with the Kindle app. I’ll give it a go just because she’s so nice and I’m dying to read it 🙂
    Rachel @ The Ordinary Lovely recently posted…Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters (UH-MAZING!)My Profile

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