Love, Lucky Stars & Looking for that Work/Life Balance #LittleLoves

I actually half wrote my Little Loves post for last week and then completely forgot to finish it and by the time I got a minute it was Sunday evening and I figured it would be easier to just skip a week instead.  I’m sure I’ve said this before but I really don’t know where the time goes.


An email from my boss to say that my request to reduce my hours at work has been approved.  When I return to work I’ll be going back three days a week and I am delighted.  I love the teaching element of my job but the admin/marking/planning takes so much time that it isn’t something I can do full time at the moment and be the mum I want to be to my boys.  I like doing the school run (although don’t hold me to that in the middle of January), I like being the one O has a cuddle and a chill with after school and I love being with G.  I’m hoping three days in school will give us a better work-life balance for our family.


I watched The Missing on Wednesday night.  How good was it?  I watched the first series and was hooked, still a bit gutted how it all turned out, and this one looks to be just as good.  Can’t wait for next weeks.


We made our holiday booking for next summer, we’re heading to Ibiza for 11 nights at the end of August and I can’t wait.  We have opted for all inclusive as I find it easier with the boys while they are still so young but I’m looking forward to being a bit more adventurous as they get older.  O is such a fussy eater that all inclusive is perfect for him as he can try things and if he doesn’t like it we can always get him something else.


I’ve got a slight confession, I totally copied our lovely host Morgana and got the pink Love jumper from New Look.  I had a 30% off voucher code and just couldn’t resist.  It’s perfect for throwing on in a morning for the school run with my mum bun and specs. 

8I’ve also been wearing a couple of necklaces from the lovely people at Happiness Boutique.  I love this little star necklace and have been wearing this one a lot this week.


I’m turning into a big Sia fan so this has been playing a lot for the past couple of weeks.

And Lastly…

With O being at school it feels like we don’t really get to spend much quality time together.  By the time I’ve picked him up after school he’s a bit tired and quite grumpy.  I have to admit I’ve been missing him.  Last Saturday we took a trip to Southport for the day and with my biggest man looking after my littlest I got to spend some time with O going on the rides at the Pleasureland.  It was lovely to laugh together and have some fun.

We’re going on holiday on Thursday and I can’t wait to spend lots of time with my boys, it’s been a very busy year and I’m looking forward to a slower pace of life (even if it is only for seven days).

Have a lovely week.



  1. October 14, 2016 / 9:50 am

    Brilliant news that you get to go back part time. I hope that you don’t get sucked into planning and marking on your days off though – make sure you set those boundaries! You and I were both gripped by The Missing this week. I missed the first series. Where was I?! Have a lovely weekend. x x
    suzanne recently posted…The Missing, Being Blonde and a Touch of Lemon Drizzle #LittleLovesMy Profile

  2. Jade @ Captured By Jade
    October 14, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    Great news that you were able to reduce your hours at work! I hope you’re able to find a better work-life balance, like you hope.

    Yay for your summer holiday booked! We’ve not been abroad with our little one yet, but I’m already thinking the all inclusive route is probably the best to go down whilst he is younger. A lot less hassle!

    I hope you enjoy your holiday this Thursday; it sounds like perfect timing.
    Jade @ Captured By Jade recently posted…Little Loves | Dinosaur Clothing, Quesadillas and Breaking the TwitchMy Profile

  3. Mary
    October 14, 2016 / 2:49 pm

    Although I only begun my maternity leave less than three weeks ago, I’m already worried about how I’ll fit in all the demands of teacher life around new-Mum life. Fingers crossed I become a nappy-changing-ninja in the next few months and all my chores take half as long so that I can fit in more baby boy snuggles around work when I have to return.
    Mary recently posted…Oscar’s birth story: a not-to-plan CaesareanMy Profile

  4. October 15, 2016 / 7:32 am

    Great news about work! I seriously don’t know how you do it I really don’t! ‘It’s be really hard juggling work and a household! The missing was great wasn’t it? So excited for next week. I adore Sia, she so talented and I absolutely adore her! Have a wonderful weekend xx
    Anna-Marie recently posted…NETFLIX ORIGINALS, THIS TOWN, NEW BOOTSMy Profile

  5. October 15, 2016 / 12:17 pm

    Great news about going part time! I teach part-time too, and although I still feel like I’m just managing to keep my head above water, it does relieve some of the stress. I also get four days with Parker, which to me is so much more important. Lovely that you got some one on one time with your biggest too. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Morgana (@coffeeworksleep)
    October 17, 2016 / 11:10 am

    Such fantastic news that you’ve been able to reduce your hours, I bet you’re so relieved.
    Love that you got the jumper, it’s so cosy and pretty isn’t it?
    Have a great week xx
    Morgana (@coffeeworksleep) recently posted…Being Wild Explorers with PersilMy Profile

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