I may have mentioned this before but my little boy loves balls! He was kicking a football before he could walk, he’d shuffle round the floor on his bum kicking a ball as he went. As soon as he turned two we signed him up for Rugbytots for the following term as we thought it would be something he would love. We were right! It’s the highlight of his week, especially as it’s his quality time with his Daddy. He had his third class last week and he’s making amazing progress (I know, I’m a bit biased but he is… View Post

It seems it’s not just me that is longing for Spring to make an appearance. My little man loves being outside and as he only learnt to walk towards the end of last summer I can’t wait to see him running round the garden this year, and his daddy has bought the footie nets already!

Little O doesn’t really have a sweet tooth. He doesn’t like chocolate, ice cream or jelly, but he is quite partial to a biscuit. Nothing too fancy, his favourite is a ginger nut, followed closely by a custard cream or a digestive. He loves nothing more than a quick break in play sat on the couch with a cup of milk and a biscuit (or cuckoo and bic bic, as he calls it), but there is a catch. I must have a cup of tea with him for dip dip. If he’s having a biscuit it must be dunked, it’s… View Post

Little O is obsessed with balls! And balloons! We have far too many toys scattered around the house but he will choose a balloon or ball over all of them. As soon as his daddy gets in from work he races over with a balloon to play kick or catch. So when a friend told me her little boy went to a class called Rugbytots, it seemed perfect for O. The classes start from aged 2, and as his Christmas present we booked him in for a block of sessions. Usually hubby isn’t really that keen on attending any baby/toddler… View Post