Tomorrow night me and hubby are dropping Little O off at his grandparents and heading off on our first night away on our own since he was born. This was booked in 2 months ago and I have been super excited ever since. I adore my little man, he’s amazing, but I’m looking forward to being just a couple for what will be about 24 hours. This is what I’m looking forward to the most: Free reign of anything I want on the menu Little O is at the in-between age where he’s too old for baby food pouches but… View Post

Little O is a bit of a chatterbox. What he says isn’t always the clearest or makes the most sense but he gives it a go and generally I understand what he’s saying, and those around us have learnt his language too. I have to admit I’ll be a bit sad when he learns the proper words for some things as his version of them always makes me smile. A few of my favourites are: “Uh oh” which means dog (we have 2!) So funny when he’s telling them off, “no no uh oh!” “Inky” means water. I think this… View Post

On Saturday we hosted our very first children’s party as my little boy turned 2. It was one of the most nerve wracking events of my life so far, far more than when I got married. You generally know what to expect at a wedding and adults will usually behave in a reasonable manner. Kids parties were an unknown quantity. Well, we survived and I’m thinking of making myself a badge to wear with pride, “I’ve survived a Children’s party!” So after the past manic week this is what I’ve learnt about children’s parties: 1. Bouncy castles are worth their… View Post

Today my little man has turned 2! For that reason, it seems today would be the right time to share how my gorgeous boy came into the world. He didn’t make it easy! Baby O’s birth story really starts 5 days before he was born (8 days before my due date) at what I thought was going to be a routine midwife appointment. My regular midwife couldn’t fit me in so had made me an appointment at another clinic, with a lady who I had seen when my midwife was on holiday. She went through the regular checks and then… View Post