Protect Your Skin From “Maskcne” With These Surefire Prevention Tips

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Covid-19 has not only been harsh on everyone’s physical, mental or financial health but also on their skin.

People all over the world have been covering their faces for months to limit the spread of the virus. Although it is essential to cover your face to steer clear of the infection, face masks have been found to be one of the major causes of blemishes and acne. 

Hence the term, maskne

Maskne or acne caused due to masks is one of the major skin issues people are facing amidst the covid-19 pandemic. According to dermatologists, wearing masks for hours, clogged pores, sweat and warm breath create a perfect environment for pimples. 

In fact, many people also complained about experiencing dry or flaky skin along with zits and blackheads after wearing masks for longer periods.

So, if you are also experiencing maskne or other skin-related issues after wearing masks, here are some surefire solutions to prevent or get rid of them altogether. Read on to know more about it.

  •  ALWAYS use the mask the right way

Masks make your skin feel sweaty, which elevates the chances of zits. So, it would be best to use masks that are made up of 100% cotton with two or more layers, are lightweight, and make it easier for your skin to breathe. 

Pick the one that isn’t too tight to avoid putting too much pressure on your delicate skin. Refrain from using a mask without washing them regularly with hot water and fragrance-free hypoallergenic laundry detergent. This will not only help you get rid of the virus but also remove any sweat residues from your mask. 

Also, if you are wearing a mask throughout the day and sweating a lot, then it would be best to change it after a few hours. Putting on a fresh and clean mask can help you avoid maskne

And if you are using surgical masks, then make sure you do not reuse them under any circumstances. This is because disposable masks trap makeup and dirt, and putting them back on means boosting pimple growth. 

  • Spruce up on your skincare routine

One of the best and surefire ways to keep skin problems at bay would be to adopt a perfect skincare regime. It will help you pamper your skin after spending hours under a mask. 

But before we start with the skincare routine, there’s something you should know. Apart from maskne, 2020 also witnessed growth in the sustainable beauty industry. People realised how important it is to adopt a zero waste lifestyle and use organic products for the betterment of their skin. So, before buying any skincare products make sure it promises to soothe and rejuvenate your skin and that too naturally.

That being said, here we have drafted a perfect step-by-step skincare routine for you to follow after removing the mask at the end of every day. Take notes as they’ll come in very handy in the near future. 

  • Start by using a gentle cleanser

Dirt and oil get trapped under the mask and cause breakouts. That’s why dermatologists recommend wearing a mask over a clean face. So, make sure you clean your face with gentle cleansers. 

They will help you remove dust, oil and makeup from your face and unclog your pores. Use lukewarm water instead of hot water to wash your face for best results. Tap dry with a clean towel and allow your skin to breathe. 

  • Moisturise to avoid dryness

Lack of hydration is another reason for maskne. It may even cause irritation and make your skin prone to rashes. So, it would be best to apply a moisturiser after you are done cleansing your face. It will help in sealing the moisture in the pores and prolong your skin’s health.

Not to mention, it will also act as a barrier between your skin and mask and prevent friction. In fact, due to excessive washing and using alcohol-based sanitisers, you might also be feeling dryness in your hands. For this, you would need to keep a hand cream handy to moisturise your hands regularly. 

  • Gently exfoliate for blackheads

Wearing a mask all day can also allow the accumulation of dead skin around your nose. This further results in blackheads that can lead to clogged pores and turn to maskne

Regular exfoliation can help you handle the issue before it becomes worse. Exfoliation can also help you delay skin ageing by improving the appearance of wrinkles and makes your skin softer like never before.

  • Go easy on the makeup

It would be best to either dial down or ditch your makeup routine while treating maskne. Undoubtedly, beauty products such as blush, foundation, or concealer clog your skin pores and prolong the healing process. In fact, the residue from your makeup products can soil your mask fabric giving rise to severe breakouts.

Even if you are planning to ditch your makeup altogether, make sure you keep the skin hydration levels in check with an organic face cream. You might not be able to flaunt your plump lips under your mask but using a lip balm, or nude lipstick can help you restore the hydration in your lips. 

Also, if it feels mandatory to wear makeup while putting on a mask, make sure you opt for a lightweight foundation. You can even consider getting creative with your eye makeup with amped-up lashes, perfectly groomed brows and bold strokes. Try using coloured liners to add drama to your eye makeup.

Pro Tip: Never pick your zits. It may feel tempting at first, but it will only be going to leave long-term scars. 

When to contact your dermatologist?

Even if your skin damage and maskne do not respond to the skincare tips mentioned above, it would be best to seek medical help. Your dermatologist will help you find out the actual cause of your acne and provide solutions for the same. 

The bottom line is, 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a good chance that you might be wearing a mask for a very long time. So, it is better to learn how to prevent and steer clear of the potential skin damage and breakouts.


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