Sometimes I feel like a bit of a lazy mum.  That I don’t do enough with O.  That I should be crafting, and painting, and just generally doing more activities with him. Last week was half term so the perfect chance to do more things together.  So we baked cakes, planted seeds, “attempted” to do some crafty stuff, did lots of drawing and colouring and we had a wonderful time together. I love this picture of him mixing his cake, he did a fabulous job (and only a bit of it went on the floor!)

This week has been half term so a lovely week has been spent away from school and enjoying spending time with hubby and O.  The highlights of the week have been: Read On Wednesday Little O went to my mums as he normally does so I had a day to myself.  I trotted off to Costa for lunch and settled down with a Gingerbread Latte, a Chicken & Bacon toastie and a copy of Bella.  Yes, it’s a pretty crap mag but I got to read it in peace, heaven!

Discovering I was pregnant in March 2011 came as a bit of a shock. We’d only decided to start trying for a baby four weeks earlier so when the pregnancy test came up as positive, it took us both by surprise. Apart from telling my best friend we decided to keep it to ourselves, until we’d had our 12 week scan. In those worrying first weeks of pregnancy, I needed someone to talk to and signed up for Baby Expert and joined the Due In November forum group for other mums-to-be who would be due at the same time as… View Post