The old me lacked confidence. She worried constantly what other people thought of her. She always thought she wasn’t good enough. The old me allowed myself to be used by people I believed were my friends. I wouldn’t hear from them for months on end and then they’d be a phonecall because they were at a loose end. And stupidly I’d jump, whenever they rang. The old me felt a little lost. Whilst I believed I was happy, there was a little something missing. The old me did a very good job of hiding my emotions, never really saying how I was… View Post

For us this is a bit of a retro ordinary moment. Just over 4 years ago we moved into our dream house, in a gorgeous little village, pretty much equidistant between two lovely pubs. One is 1 min 13 seconds walk away (believe me, I’ve timed it!), the other only an additional 30 seconds. In our pre O days we would often pop to one of the pubs for a drink afterwork or a quick one after dinner. With a small child this became a thing of the past. Going out past 6pm is a luxury we’ve only just started… View Post

We’ve been having a lovely week so far, it really feels like Spring (and the warmer weather) is just around the corner and I can’t wait.  This is what we’ve been enjoying. Read Mostly menus! We have been out twice for dinner in the last week and even managed a mid week takeaway so I have mostly been reading menus.  Not good for the figure (especially with hols in 9 weeks), but it has been gorgeous food. Watched I’ve been watching The Widower on ITV on Monday night for the past 2 weeks and I’ve been hooked by it.  Really looking… View Post

Dear Parents/Guardians, On Wednesday morning I know there will be disruption to your normal routine. Your childs school may be closed. Or you may have one child in, whilst the others has the day off. Guaranteed to cause at least one very upset kid, and one very smug one. I’m sure you will be muttering about how inconvenient it is. How teachers are just being a nuisance, whinging on again about their bloody pensions! I’ve seen the comments on my Facebook feed, us teachers are a selfish lot! Before you jump on the teacher bashing bandwagon, please take a step… View Post