I was recently contacted by My 1st Years and asked if I would choose an item from their website to review. I was delighted to have been asked as they have some absolutely gorgeous personalised baby clothes, blankets and toys (and much more besides) with the added bonus that they can have your little ones name added to it. As the name would suggest a lot of the items are aimed at younger babies and toddlers, and as O is now approaching 2 and a half he seemed too old for a few things. Although, that didn’t stop me wondering… View Post

In less than 4 weeks time thousands of Year 11 pupils across the country will be starting their study leave. For many of those students they will already have sat quite a few of their exams as it all kicks off 2 weeks on Monday. Scary stuff!! The kids are now starting to panic as it dawns on them that the past 5, no 11, years of schooling have been building up to these next few weeks. I love this time of year. It’s hectic, it’s mad busy, but there’s a different kind of buzz about school. Suddenly the after… View Post

Wow, how are we on week 17 already? It really feels like this year is flying by. This week we have been loving: Read I love those posts that pop up on your FB that show text messaging gone wrong. Drives my husband mad as I sit on the couch laughing away to myself. One appeared this week and one in particular had me in a fit of giggles. It went along the lines of: Girl: Dad, there’s a moth outside the bathroom, can you please get rid of it? Girl: Dad, please. It’s really scaring me! Girl: Dad? Girl:… View Post

What’s that saying? You have a son until he finds a wife, have a daughter and you have her for life! Today I had a glimpse of things to come and I’m really hoping the saying proves not to be true. On a sunny bank holiday Monday, after spending the day together we headed to our local for a quick drink before dinner. We weren’t the only ones and there were lots of other kids playing in the beer garden. One little girl in particular caught O’s eye. She goes to his nursery and is quite often in the pub… View Post