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A couple of weeks ago we submitted our extension plans to the local council.  We are now waiting for them to send out the appropriate letters to our neighbours and for them to reach a decision (keeping our fingers crossed for a YES).  One of the reasons for our house plans is that it feels that the boys toys and games are taking over the house, especially after Christmas and O’s birthday.

The conservatory in our house often ends up being a bit of a dumping ground.  As it is accessed through the utility room it isn’t easily viewed from the main part of the house.  For that reason everything that we don’t want to see gets put in there  Out of sight, out of mind.  With the dining room starting to resemble a branch of Toys R Us, we decided to make the conservatory into a playroom.  With O getting starting school and play dates starting to appear in the diary it is somewhere he can take his friends to play that is a little space of their own.

For me the key to a successful playroom is storage.  I don’t want a room where every toy is permanently on show (although some always will be) but it needs to work so that once the playing has finished it is quick and easy to put away.  When Rattan Direct got into contact to see if we wanted to work with them the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

One issue I have always had when storing O’s toys is what to do with the paper/crafts/felt tip type things.  I’ve tried putting them in big boxes but it all ended up one big mess making it hard to find anything when you actually wanted it.  The same thing happened when we tried to put them in the coffee table drawers, everything got mixed together and it just didn’t work.

When I saw the 5 drawer wicker storage rack I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for.  There were drawers a plenty meaning that O’s paper and pens etc could all have their own space, making them easy to find and (more importantly) easy to put away.  I spent a satisfying afternoon in our conservatory clearing away the rubbish, moving the toys O had outgrown for now into the garage for G, and organising our new drawers.

One thing we always lost was pencil crayons and felt tips and a new pack was bought as a replacement.  Well, now they have all been found and we have a drawer full of them.  His paper is in another drawer, there is space for his writing practice books and one for all his crafty bits and bobs.  The top drawer, which is currently out of his reach, is reserved for his masterpieces and the important pieces of info that come from school.

It’s so easy now when O asks for some paper or a pen because instead of routing around, getting grumpy and how things always go missing in this house, I can go straight to the right drawer and it is found!

Instead of being a sadly underused space the conservatory has been given a new lease of life and as the weather picks up I think we’ll be spending even more time in there.  The boys can play and I can sit back on the couch with a coffee, everyone’s a winner.

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration.


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