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Before we became parents we would quite often head out for a midweek dinner (probably more often than my waistline would like).  The main reason being that at the end of a working day when you’re a bit tired and the thought of cooking dinner and cleaning away makes you want to cry, letting someone else take care of that for you was the perfect solution.

Since O came along this has become a bit of a rarity.  When he was younger we had a very strict bath at 6:30 and bed for 7pm which made going out in an evening impossible.  As he has got a little older and I’m a little more relaxed with sleep patterns we have started to head out a little later on a weekend, but eating out on a weekday is still a very rare occasion for us. When we were offered the chance to review our local Toby Carvery I jumped at the chance at having someone else sort out my Monday night dinner.

My husband and I fall into two very different camps when it comes to our opinions on carveries.  I’m a fan, he isn’t, so I was keen to see if I could change his mind.

We arrived for our 6pm booking and were shown immediately to our table by a very friendly and helpful waiter.  We chose a couple of starters, my husband opted for the garlic mushrooms and I picked one of the lighter bites of sausages with a red onion dressing (O was sharing ours).  They both arrived quickly and I was really impressed with the size of the portion, especially my sausages as they were a bargain at only £1.50.

As it was a Monday night the queue at the carvery wasn’t long although it did start to get busier later on in the evening.  There was the traditional four meats to choose from; beef, turkey, pork and ham, along with huge Yorkshire Puddings and a large selection of vegetables.

One of the benefits of a carvery is that you can choose the favourite elements of a roast and have a little bit of everything, or a lot of everything if you like to load your plate!  Whilst we were there the vegetables were regularly topped up straight from the kitchen.

The food was lovely and I liked that I could order a drink that was refillable at a drinks station within the restaurant.  It meant I didn’t have to wait to get the waiters attention if I wanted a top up, although I’m sure I wouldn’t have been waiting long as our waiter was lovely.  Hubby had a glass of wine and my little man had his usual glass of milk.

Seeing as I can’t have a glass of wine at the moment I treated myself to a dessert, a chocolate brownie sundae.  This was the highlight of my meal, largely because I am having very sweet cravings at the moment.  It was huge and had pieces of chewy chocolate brownie in the ice cream.  As delicious as it was it is definitely one to share as I couldn’t manage to polish it off by myself, and I hate leaving food!  Hubby was trying to be good so only had a mouthful or two.

As O was starting to get a bit tired, we asked for the bill and were pleasantly surprised by the price.  For our two starters, three mains, one huge pudding and a few drinks (hubby may have sneaked in a G&T) the bill only came to just over £40, and we were all leaving feeling full.

So back to the burning question, have I managed to confer my husband into a carvery fan?  Well, he did say he would go back again for a mid-week dinner so that’s progress for you!

The lovely people at Toby Carvery are offering my readers a free ice cream sundae with the code below:


Enjoy your ice cream!

Disclaimer: I was given a £40 voucher to spend at Toby Carvery for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opines are my own.



  1. December 15, 2015 / 9:30 pm

    I love a little midweek treat out, it looks delicious especially the pudding!! xxx
    Natalie recently posted…Our School LifeMy Profile

  2. January 31, 2016 / 12:28 pm

    It looks amazing, I’ve never actually been but I could eat roast dinner every single day if someone let me. That dessert looks very nice too!
    Notmyyearoff recently posted…The Golden Baby AgeMy Profile

  3. May 19, 2016 / 6:35 pm

    This restaurant looks very delicious. I love carvery and I think a great option for all people. This pudding looks amazing.

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