It feels like so much has happened in the past couple of weeks, since I last joined in with Little Loves.  We had a wonderful time at Disneyland Paris and by the end of today I will have completed my first full week back in work, and it feels like I’ve never been away.  There have been some new routines to get our heads round this week but all is going well so far, although I am looking forward to my new 3 day weekend. Read I read some lovely news yesterday that one on my favourite bloggers Laura Evelyn… View Post

Becoming a Mum is hard in so many ways, but one of the aspects I found the hardest was adjusting to my post bump shape.  During my first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, and went from a size 10 to a 14 and everything in my wardrobe was far too small.  I remember buying a hideous green skirt for O’s first Christmas because it was a size 12.  I refused to believe I was a 14 and bought it simply because it was a 12 (and had a much needed elasticated waist!) It took a lot of hard… View Post

A couple of weeks ago we submitted our extension plans to the local council.  We are now waiting for them to send out the appropriate letters to our neighbours and for them to reach a decision (keeping our fingers crossed for a YES).  One of the reasons for our house plans is that it feels that the boys toys and games are taking over the house, especially after Christmas and O’s birthday. The conservatory in our house often ends up being a bit of a dumping ground.  As it is accessed through the utility room it isn’t easily viewed from… View Post

Happy Friday, February seems to be passing in a bit of a blur after January dragging along.  I am so excited for Spring and am already loving the lighter nights and mornings.  Well, as you probably know already, I am back in work today but only for a few hours before our half term begins and on Monday we are off to Disneyland Paris.  O keeps telling me he just can’t wait and I feel exactly the same way. Read It’s been all things Disney this week as I’ve been using G’s nap times for holiday planning.   Watched I’ve… View Post