With the colder weather drawing in the comfort food comes out and I’ve been indulging. The result being I’ve put on a few extra pounds and as soon as that happens I start to feel frumpy. My clothes feel a bit too tight and so I revert to comfort clothes which are ultimately a bit too baggy and not too stylish. Hubby notices the change as I suddenly start shutting the door when I get dressed or changing in a different room and become a lot more self-conscious. So, time to take action. As of Monday I’m on a 3… View Post

We’re now 5 weeks in and half term is looming so how am I getting on with my New Years resolutions. Pretty well, I think! 1. I have only bought school lunches twice and both occasions was a small tuna half baguette. I’ve discovered this year that I don’t really have time for lunch (for reasons we will come to later) so I usually throw a yoghurt and apple in my bag to see me through til home time. 2&3. Only one wardrobe meltdown, because almost nothing was clean, and only worn comfy black trousers once. In my defense they… View Post

When we found out we were expecting Baby O we were over the moon, I was definitely ready to be a mum.  Being the youngest of my group of friends and watching them one by one have babies, I was delighted it was going to be my turn.  I was ready for the baby stage, but I have to admit toddlers scared me. I would get exhausted just watching my friends run around after their little ones. I enjoyed almost every minute of being pregnant (the 3 stone weight gain will confirm that) and longed for those newborn snuggles.  Baby O… View Post