I have never made any secret of the fact I wanted more than one child.  We were very lucky to conceive Baby O in our first month of trying so assumed when we started trying for a second it would only be a matter of time before we had Baby 2 on board.  Twelve months and 14 cycles later we are still waiting! We have progressed from not really trying (reckless shagging as my friends call it), to charting my cycle on my phone app through to OV sticks and we’ve now invested in a fertility monitor, but all to… View Post

I’m not a great dancer, I’m ranking somewhere just below average (apart from after several wines when I think I should be giving up teaching and auditioning for a dancing role on Broadway). However, I didn’t expect my son to cotton onto this fact so early on. We’ve recently discovered his favorite song is Miley Cyrus “we can’t stop” so we spent pre Baby O bedtime dancing to this in the kitchen. First Baby O danced with daddy before trying his luck with mummy. Our dance lasted about 5 seconds before he ditched me to go back to his dad.… View Post