After a Sunday afternoon trip to the pub we left hubby there and me and Baby O decided it was time we went home. We are lucky to live about 150 metres from the most lovely pub, so we were walking back. It was cold, it was dark and it was just me and O. He held my hand the entire way babbling as we went. I was so proud to be hand in hand with my beautiful boy, and I always treasure these moments as they pass so quickly. In a few years it won’t be “cool” to hold… View Post

A big moment in our house at the weekend as we converted the cot into a bed. Baby O has been getting increasingly upset being in his cot (he desperately wants to be a big boy) so we thought changing into a bed would make him feel more grown up. All was going well until about half 11 and he was up and wanting to come and find us. To encourage him to get back into bed I lay in it to encourage him in. You can see where this is going can’t you? Of course the bottom gave way… View Post