“You don’t want to leave it too long!” Hmm, heard that quite a few times recently. Even from my mum, despite telling her I’d been to the doctors to discuss the reasons why after a year I wasn’t getting pregnant. Not sure she’d entirely listened, or got the point. At the moment “the gap” is very much out of my control. More and more the age gap between siblings has been playing on my mind. In a perfect work I always thought I’d have a 2 year age gap between my children. Baby O is 2 in 12 days and… View Post

A big moment in our house at the weekend as we converted the cot into a bed. Baby O has been getting increasingly upset being in his cot (he desperately wants to be a big boy) so we thought changing into a bed would make him feel more grown up. All was going well until about half 11 and he was up and wanting to come and find us. To encourage him to get back into bed I lay in it to encourage him in. You can see where this is going can’t you? Of course the bottom gave way… View Post

In just over two weeks my little man will be turning 2! Blinking 2, how the heck did that happen? I only brought him home from the hospital a few weeks ago, didn’t I? Anyway, onto more pressing issues as at the moment everyone is asking what they should buy him for his birthday, as well as for Christmas.  The downside of having a November birthday (I know, being a November baby myself) is that you get all your presents at one time of the year and then nothing much for another 11 months.  So as he gets very much spoilt by… View Post