I love to watch my son sleep. Now that’s he’s a fully fledged toddler he’s more often than not on the go, playing with his cars, helicopters and balloons or just dancing away to Miley Cyrus ( he made me play We Can’t Stop 5 times on repeat yesterday, and sulked when I refused to play it a 6th time). I’m well aware that at some point in the next 12 months his afternoon nap times may become a thing of the past so I’m treasuring these moments while we still have them. Little O loves his kip and like… View Post

1. You’re out with friends and you automatically get the bill at the end of the night to work out how much everyone owes (and they spend the next 2 years taking the piss if you make a mistake!) 2. People insist on telling you how well their young kids can count at any opportunity. It’s lovely to hear, but when I’m off duty I’m not that interested, sorry! 3. You tell people what you do and their reaction is “I hated Maths at school!” Fair enough, I have my moments when I’m not too keen on it myself. 4.… View Post

Easy Cheesy Green Pasta I’m a little bit nervous about posting this, as I’m not a great cook, and this isn’t the most exciting meal in the world (and not the most inventive), but it’s quick, it’s easy and my little boy loves it! And only involves one pan, bonus! Time: 10-15 mins Ingredients Pasta (any will do) Pesto Cream Cheese Spinach Frozen Peas You can also add onions if you fancy or any other green veg, we’ve added green beans before, although Little O wasn’t keen. I haven’t put amounts on because I never measure them, I just throw… View Post