Back when I was at 6th form college I remember asking my teachers what my target grades were for my A-levels.  I was in the middle of applying to university and as each course had varying requirements it would have been useful to know what my actual target grades were to make sure I was applying to places I had a reasonable chance of being accepted at. My schools policy was not to allow students access to them.  Obviously the stroppy 17 year old that I was then moaned and whinged, but they stood firm and to this day I… View Post

Normally at the end of the summer holidays a part of me is ready to return to school. There’s a feeling of excitement about the new year ahead and the chance for a fresh start. This year that feeling isn’t there. I feel nervous about returning on Monday and a little teary at the thought of going back to “normal” life.

Dear Parents/Guardians, On Wednesday morning I know there will be disruption to your normal routine. Your childs school may be closed. Or you may have one child in, whilst the others has the day off. Guaranteed to cause at least one very upset kid, and one very smug one. I’m sure you will be muttering about how inconvenient it is. How teachers are just being a nuisance, whinging on again about their bloody pensions! I’ve seen the comments on my Facebook feed, us teachers are a selfish lot! Before you jump on the teacher bashing bandwagon, please take a step… View Post

Over the past 10 years one of the biggest problems to creep into the classroom is the rise of the mobile phone! When I first started teaching it wasn’t a problem, hardly anyone had them, and if they did they stayed in their bags, on silent. But then came the introduction of the smart phone and with it Facebook, Twitter and more recently Snapchat. For the record, I still have no idea what Snapchat is, but I hear the young ‘uns talking about it, so it must be the latest in thing!