I’m a bit of a sucker for a sale, I begrudge paying full price for anything so this time of year has me quite excited.  As the thought of hitting overcrowded shops with two little boys brings me out in a cold sweat I find myself doing most of my sales shopping online (mostly in bed with a cup of tea in hand). I’ve learnt from past mistakes, so many past mistakes, not to go for high fashion items in the sales.  They are usually out of fashion before I’ve taken the labels off them and even if they’re not… View Post

I’ve loved reading these posts by Julia at Rainbeaubelle and other bloggers for the past couple of months so I made a little promise to myself that I would try to join in.  I have to admit I completely forgot about it until I saw a couple of posts pop up and when I thought about it I did have a few things that I could include in a post so here goes. I’m not too sure if this first one is cheating as technically it isn’t under £5, but a fiver exactly!  O spotted them in Marks and Spencers… View Post

My little boy is one of those unusual children who doesn’t like chocolate.  He once tried a piece at around 18 months old, was hugely unimpressed and hasn’t touched a piece since.  He reliably informs me he will like it when he’s older, although I’m not too sure at what point he will decide he is “old enough” to enjoy it. As chocolate eggs don’t go down well with our little man we have to be a little more creative with our Easter gifts as he still likes to feel the Easter spirit, just without the sweet stuff. Here’s our… View Post

Moon and Star One of my favourite times of the day is bedtime.  Not because I’m glad to get O into bed but because it’s story time and I love reading my son his bedtime story.  It’s our time to cuddle up together in his bed whilst we read a book together. O has a few favourites that he asks to be read again and again, Stick Man and Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars I have read more times than I care to remember, but generally he likes to hear new stories and loves a new book.  When I was a… View Post