As a mum to a two year old boy, there isn’t that much choice when it comes to what they can wear, especially in the summer. Shorts and t-shirts, maybe a pair of dungarees, and not much else. This isn’t helped by the fact that I’m a bit of a fusspot about what he wears. I don’t want O to look like a mini adult in clothes that are far too grown up for him, but at the same time I don’t want him to look like a baby now that he’s a fully fledged toddler. When I was contacted… View Post

I was recently contacted by My 1st Years and asked if I would choose an item from their website to review. I was delighted to have been asked as they have some absolutely gorgeous personalised baby clothes, blankets and toys (and much more besides) with the added bonus that they can have your little ones name added to it. As the name would suggest a lot of the items are aimed at younger babies and toddlers, and as O is now approaching 2 and a half he seemed too old for a few things. Although, that didn’t stop me wondering… View Post

I’ve been an iPhone owner for years now and somehow managed to get away without a case for about 5 of them.  However, after a night on the town last year with some friends I woke up to find a very smashed phone screen, and realised it was time to get myself a case. So when I was given the opportunity to review a personalised phone case for Mr Nutcase I was very excited.  I decided to go for the Executive Flip Leather Style (£19,95), I liked the fact my phone would be protected on both sides.  The website made it clear… View Post

One of my main reasons for starting my blog was to record my little boys life. I’d had three baby record books and I wrote in one every now and then, but not often enough and I always felt guilty about that. I also promised I would take more photos. As a couple we’d been rubbish at capturing those special moments and I knew I wanted that to change when we had our son. After spending far too long taking photos on my iPhone we invested in a fancy Nikon camera and I’m just learning how to use it. When… View Post