Since starting blogging I have made a huge effort to take more photos and barely a day goes by when I’m not snapping away either on my phone or with the “big” camera. When I was contacted by Wall Create and asked to review one of their canvasses I jumped at the chance. ¬†However, I haven’t chosen one of my own pictures for the canvas but one from our wedding. ¬†We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary in a few weeks time and we still only have a few small photos from the wedding dotted around the house. We sat… View Post

When I was first offered the chance to review Charlie Banana 2 in 1 Training Pants and Swim Nappy the plan was to use them as an aid to potty training as my 2 year old was reaching the stage where I thought we were ready to ditch the nappies. However, after an initial very shaky start he did pick it up quite quickly so we didn’t get round to using them for this purpose and they sat in the cupboard for a little bit too long. A couple of weeks ago we headed up to my parents caravan in… View Post

Maybe it’s the teacher in me that made me jump at the chance to review Cambridge University Press’s Penpals At Home books. Or maybe it’s that I’m just a mum who is fully aware that my little man will be starting pre-school in a couple of months and the more I can do to help his progress the better. We’ve really encouraged his counting and he can quite confidently write his name (if you don’t mind that the letters are all different sizes and all over the page) but I loved the idea of being able to help him start… View Post

One thing you should know about me is that I love my bed. I always have done, even as a kid. My mum always says it was such a huge relief when I came along as my brother never slept. When I was at college I loved having an afternoon free so I could sneak home watching Light Lunch with Mel and Sue (anyone else remember that?) before having a lovely nap. I was even worse at uni. Whole afternoons were lost watching Diagnosis Murder tucked up in bed. Needless to say when I was contacted about reviewing a new… View Post