I’m not a very arty or crafty mum, I wish I was!  But I have been making an effort to do more activities with O and so we have spent this morning making Chocolate Krispie Strawberries.  I have shamelessly stolen the idea from his nursery.  It was something they did on Tuesday and O has talked about it constantly so I promised him we’re have a go at making some together. The ingredients needed are nice and simple; strawberries, chocolate and rice krispies. I melted the chocolate in the microwave for roughly a minute and a half, giving it a… View Post

Easy Cheesy Green Pasta I’m a little bit nervous about posting this, as I’m not a great cook, and this isn’t the most exciting meal in the world (and not the most inventive), but it’s quick, it’s easy and my little boy loves it! And only involves one pan, bonus! Time: 10-15 mins Ingredients Pasta (any will do) Pesto Cream Cheese Spinach Frozen Peas You can also add onions if you fancy or any other green veg, we’ve added green beans before, although Little O wasn’t keen. I haven’t put amounts on because I never measure them, I just throw… View Post