I had really fond memories of my maternity wardrobe first time round and as I got bigger during this pregnancy I couldn’t wait to get them out of the attic.  Sadly I think baby brain must have got to me as when I pulled them out and tried them on I struggled to find a single item that I actually liked.  From the huge bag I have managed to re-use two items, a pair of boyfriend jeans from Mamas & Papas and a Topshop white shirt.  The rest has been packed off to the charity shop. Maternity wear wise I… View Post

After not spending a great deal on maternity wear the first time round I’ve been happy to treat myself a little more during my second pregnancy.  However, one item I was very reluctant to buy was a maternity coat.  I didn’t need one when I was expecting O as I was mostly pregnant during the Summer/Autumn months and that year we had a particularly warm October and I was more worried with finding a fan for my classroom than I was finding a winter coat. That’s not to say I haven’t seen some lovely ones, I have, but I couldn’t justify… View Post

Before I became pregnant O had never shown any desire to have a brother or sister.  I have to admit it was something I was very grateful for in those days when it looked like we wouldn’t be able to conceive a second.  It was hard enough dealing with our own disappointment, it would have been heartbreaking to hear O asking why he didn’t have a sibling.  My mother in law did once ask him if he wanted a brother or sister and his response was a very adamant “No”. He was always quite happy being an only child, he loves being… View Post

When I was pregnant with O I worried constantly about making sure we would have everything we needed.  I researched, I spoke to friends, I read all the baby magazines about what would be the best brands to buy, what were essentials and what would we probably be able to get away without. It’s only when you become a mum and you start to get to know your baby that you realise what they need and what you will use.  One of our most useless items was the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, despite being told my someone it would be… View Post