The mistakes we make… When you first become a mum you know you’re not going to know it all and are bound to make some mistakes along the way. But the older my little boy gets the less I feel I know about the whole mummy world, and I’m making more mistakes than ever. The most recent one being this week. My mum gave me a leaflet advertising brunch with Peppa and George for this Thursday. Okay, not where I’d ideally like to be spending my day off but I knew my little man would love it so planned to… View Post

What’s that saying? You have a son until he finds a wife, have a daughter and you have her for life! Today I had a glimpse of things to come and I’m really hoping the saying proves not to be true. On a sunny bank holiday Monday, after spending the day together we headed to our local for a quick drink before dinner. We weren’t the only ones and there were lots of other kids playing in the beer garden. One little girl in particular caught O’s eye. She goes to his nursery and is quite often in the pub… View Post