When I found out I was expecting our second child I was really excited to wear my maternity clothes again.  I had fond memories of my pregnancy wardrobe and was eager to retrieve the bag of clothes that had long been stashed in the back of the attic. Maybe in the four years since I was pregnant with O my style has completely changed but the clothes I had been so keen to get back out were a huge let down.  Apart from one white shirt from Topshop the rest was awful.  I tried a couple of things on and… View Post

My little boy is one of those unusual children who doesn’t like chocolate.  He once tried a piece at around 18 months old, was hugely unimpressed and hasn’t touched a piece since.  He reliably informs me he will like it when he’s older, although I’m not too sure at what point he will decide he is “old enough” to enjoy it. As chocolate eggs don’t go down well with our little man we have to be a little more creative with our Easter gifts as he still likes to feel the Easter spirit, just without the sweet stuff. Here’s our… View Post

Moon and Star One of my favourite times of the day is bedtime.  Not because I’m glad to get O into bed but because it’s story time and I love reading my son his bedtime story.  It’s our time to cuddle up together in his bed whilst we read a book together. O has a few favourites that he asks to be read again and again, Stick Man and Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars I have read more times than I care to remember, but generally he likes to hear new stories and loves a new book.  When I was a… View Post

Bruges has always been on my top ten list of places I’d love to visit.  Having spent an amazing New Years Eve in Brussels what feels like a lifetime ago, I have a soft spot for Belgium and the pictures I had seen of Bruges looked so beautiful I needed to visit. When we first looked into the idea of booking ourselves a mini-cruise I have to admit I was hugely swayed by the fact that the ship would be stopping in this gorgeous city.  I’ve been counting down the days for months until we would be there. Last Sunday… View Post