I’ve been with my husband since I was 16. He knows me better than anyone else in the world, better than at times I know myself, which can drive me a little crazy at times. I like to think I’m quite a laid back person but I do have moments when I get stressed, who doesn’t? Last year my husband pointed out that I only really get panicked when I feel that circumstances are out of my control, and although I’d never thought of it that way he was exactly right. The past few months have felt very much out… View Post

It all started on a very warm night back in July. My weight had been steadily creeping up and I was feeling fairly miserable about it. I was chatting to my husband in the garden (over a gin or two) and telling him my summer plans to hit the gym, lose those extra pounds and get back into shape. “Why don’t you do Tough Mudder?” At first I thought he’d gone mad. My husband did it last year and he’s a lot fitter than I am. Trying to get to a point where I could run over 11 miles, whilst… View Post

One of my biggest frustrations as a teacher is the way that students shy away from a challenge. As soon as things start to get tough far too many of them give up. “I can’t do it” or “I just don’t get it” I’ve lost counts of how many times I’ve discussed with my classes how they will find things difficult at times, but that is when you need to put that little bit more effort in. Some of my pupils rise to the challenge so well I’m in awe of them but far too many shrug their shoulders and… View Post

With the colder weather drawing in the comfort food comes out and I’ve been indulging. The result being I’ve put on a few extra pounds and as soon as that happens I start to feel frumpy. My clothes feel a bit too tight and so I revert to comfort clothes which are ultimately a bit too baggy and not too stylish. Hubby notices the change as I suddenly start shutting the door when I get dressed or changing in a different room and become a lot more self-conscious. So, time to take action. As of Monday I’m on a 3… View Post