To celebrate the release of the new Batman V Superman movie coming out next week Hallmark kindly sent us two of their Itty Bitty characters to take a look at.  Under the influence of his cousin my little boy is just starting to get interested in Superheroes and these little fellas  were perfect for him. O loves having toys he can carry round with him, he especially likes being able to take them to show to other people (his poor Rugbytots coach is treated to a show and tell at the start  of every lesson) and at 4 inches tall Itty… View Post

When I was pregnant with O a Cuddledry towel was one of the items on my wish list.  I’d seen them on Dragons Den, I’d seen them in the shops and I loved the idea of them.  Unfortunately, as O was our first child and we needed to buy everything from scratch I couldn’t quite justify the cost when my mum had already stocked up on baby towels for our new arrival. Bathtime has always been a really important part of our bedtime routine, especially when O was a baby and we were trying to get him to sleep through… View Post

   I love a bubble bath, it is one of my favourite things.  My little boy disagrees.  Whilst he loves a bath, he is adamant that it must be bubble free, and no amount of persuasion can change his mind.  It does concern me that the plain water can be a little drying for his delicate skin so when I was contacted my Bennetts about reviewing their skincare range I was especially keen to try the aqueous bath drops. We were sent the bath drops and the baby aqueous cream.  There are many more items in the range but as… View Post

O has been attending Rugbytots for almost two years.  When he first started he had all the gear, full kit and a brand spanking pair of white trainers for all the running around he was going to do.  He has since grown out of his shorts and t-shirt, and we have a little giggle at how small those first pair of trainers were. When I was contacted by Brantano about working with them for a review it came at the perfect time for use as O was just about to outgrow his second pair of sports shoes.  Although I was… View Post