I’m a bit fickle when it comes to nappies, I don’t really tend to stick to one brand.  I can be easily swayed by what is on offer on a particular day or what shop we are in and how desperate we are for a pack.  The result is that we have tried out quite a lot of nappies. Before G was born I was contacted by Japanese Nappies and asked if I would like to review a pack.  As O has been out of nappies for a couple of years we opted for the newborn Moony nappies for when… View Post

My eldest son always loved to be swaddled as a newborn.  At the time I used a cellular blanket to wrap him in but I was always slightly nervous of using blankets as I was worried that they might fall over his face.  As a first time mum you worry about everything don’t you? I remember seeing the Gro Snug in a shop a couple of years after having O and thinking I wish I had seen them when he was a baby as it was definitely something I would have bought.  It actually made it onto the newborn wish… View Post

When I found out I was expecting our second child there was very little that we needed to buy as I had kept almost everything from when we had O.  Items were stored away in the garage, outside shed and in the attic so as we got closer to my due date we started to retrieve the newborn essentials from their hiding places.  One of the items we had put into the attic was the Moses basket.  The basket I had spent hours choosing first time round. When it was pulled out of the black bin bags that had been… View Post

We have been long time fans of Orchard Toys in our house.  I first discovered them when a friend bought O the Alphabet Match game as a birthday present.  He loved it instantly and I loved that it was teaching him to recognise his letters from a early age.  I’m a huge fan of how they make their toys and games fun and educational at the same time. We were recently sent a few Orchard Toys products to review and I couldn’t wait to try them out with O. Where Do I Live? I really liked this game and as… View Post