When I found out I was expecting our second child there was very little that we needed to buy as I had kept almost everything from when we had O.  Items were stored away in the garage, outside shed and in the attic so as we got closer to my due date we started to retrieve the newborn essentials from their hiding places.  One of the items we had put into the attic was the Moses basket.  The basket I had spent hours choosing first time round. When it was pulled out of the black bin bags that had been… View Post

We have been long time fans of Orchard Toys in our house.  I first discovered them when a friend bought O the Alphabet Match game as a birthday present.  He loved it instantly and I loved that it was teaching him to recognise his letters from a early age.  I’m a huge fan of how they make their toys and games fun and educational at the same time. We were recently sent a few Orchard Toys products to review and I couldn’t wait to try them out with O. Where Do I Live? I really liked this game and as… View Post

To celebrate the release of the new Batman V Superman movie coming out next week Hallmark kindly sent us two of their Itty Bitty characters to take a look at.  Under the influence of his cousin my little boy is just starting to get interested in Superheroes and these little fellas  were perfect for him. O loves having toys he can carry round with him, he especially likes being able to take them to show to other people (his poor Rugbytots coach is treated to a show and tell at the start  of every lesson) and at 4 inches tall Itty… View Post

When I was pregnant with O a Cuddledry towel was one of the items on my wish list.  I’d seen them on Dragons Den, I’d seen them in the shops and I loved the idea of them.  Unfortunately, as O was our first child and we needed to buy everything from scratch I couldn’t quite justify the cost when my mum had already stocked up on baby towels for our new arrival. Bathtime has always been a really important part of our bedtime routine, especially when O was a baby and we were trying to get him to sleep through… View Post