Now that my little man is feeling a lot better we spent Sunday attempting to feed the ducks.  As it was the first sunny Sunday of the year the first place we tried was so crazy busy we couldn’t park up and the second place we tried had lots of too full ducks who weren’t interested in our late offerings. Luckily there was a lovely park nearby with a great slide, the only thing O is really interested in, which made up for the lack of duck interest!

Love Is… I’m a little late joining in with the Love Is tag started by My Petit Canard, but as my husband and I are celebrating a belated Valentines Day tomorrow, it seems appropriate for us for me to post it now. Here goes, for our family Love Is… 1. Having my travel mug cup of tea waiting for me when I come downstairs in a morning. 2. Swapping dinners at a restaurant because I’ve been “adventurous” and don’t like what I’ve ordered. 3. All snuggled in bed on a Sunday morning with 2 mugs of tea and a cup… View Post

I may have mentioned this before but my little boy loves balls! He was kicking a football before he could walk, he’d shuffle round the floor on his bum kicking a ball as he went. As soon as he turned two we signed him up for Rugbytots for the following term as we thought it would be something he would love. We were right! It’s the highlight of his week, especially as it’s his quality time with his Daddy. He had his third class last week and he’s making amazing progress (I know, I’m a bit biased but he is… View Post

It seems it’s not just me that is longing for Spring to make an appearance. My little man loves being outside and as he only learnt to walk towards the end of last summer I can’t wait to see him running round the garden this year, and his daddy has bought the footie nets already!