When I was pregnant with O I always knew that I would be returning to work and whilst we have been very lucky in that we have two sets of grandparents nearby who look after him three days a week we did need a nursery for him to go to for the other days.  Initially I returned to work full time so we were looking for somewhere for him for two days a week. As a first time mum the thought of leaving my son with anyone other than family made me feel physically sick.  I started the nursery search… View Post

I love that we live minutes away from both sets of our parents.  When we moved to our forever house we knew the village we wanted to live in and as we planned our future we wanted to be close to our families.  We see our parents several times a week and I often pop to my mum and dads house for a few hours in a afternoon. As we live so close by there is not really a need to stay over at my mums house because the drive home is roughly three minutes.  The last time I stayed… View Post

It feels like forever since I sat down to write a new post here.  I’ve just about kept things ticking over with a couple of Little Loves posts and I am loving being able to at last join in with The Siblings Project but other than that my little blog has been pretty neglected.  As we begin to come out of that newborn haze of the first few weeks and find our feet as a family of four I find myself thinking about the past few years and the long road we have travelled to get here. For so long… View Post

I am absolutely delighted to now be able to join in with the Siblings Project.  I have seen these monthly photos for quite a while now and love how they show the changing relationships between children as they grow.  Now that I have my own siblings I am so excited to see them together and want to make sure I capture the moments as they grow. G is our new addition and is two weeks old. At the moment O is fascinated and slightly terrified of him in equal measure.  He loves having him around and giving him kisses and… View Post