Dear O Here we are my boy, the day before you start school. We’ve been building up to this day for months. Your uniform is hanging neatly in the wardrobe, your hair is freshly cut, your About Me worksheets all filled in. You’re starting a little later than most of your class, a perk of being one of the older ones of your year. It meant we got a bonus extra week together, a week to cram in as much of you as I could. We had fun didn’t we?  You’re so ready for the next step. You’ve been a… View Post

Dear G Happy 3 Month Birthday little man, I can’t believe how quickly the past 3 months have gone. A quarter of a year.  You are not my tiny newborn anymore, you are fast becoming my gorgeous little chunk.  All chubby cheeks, chubby thighs and double chins. Whilst the past three months has gone so fast I can hardly remember what it was like before you were here.  All the longing for you and the hurt has quickly disappeared, those feelings have been replaced by so much love.  And you are so much loved, by everyone.  They are all smitten… View Post

When I was pregnant with O I always knew that I would be returning to work and whilst we have been very lucky in that we have two sets of grandparents nearby who look after him three days a week we did need a nursery for him to go to for the other days. ┬áInitially I returned to work full time so we were looking for somewhere for him for two days a week. As a first time mum the thought of leaving my son with anyone other than family made me feel physically sick. ┬áI started the nursery search… View Post

I love that we live minutes away from both sets of our parents.  When we moved to our forever house we knew the village we wanted to live in and as we planned our future we wanted to be close to our families.  We see our parents several times a week and I often pop to my mum and dads house for a few hours in a afternoon. As we live so close by there is not really a need to stay over at my mums house because the drive home is roughly three minutes.  The last time I stayed… View Post