One of the things I was always told when I found out I was expecting O was that little boys adore their Mummies, and how affectionate and loving they are.  They weren’t kidding!  My son has always been one for the cuddles and as he has got older the hugs and kisses have kept coming.  Quite often we will be sat playing and he will pipe up out of nowhere, “Mummy, I love you.” He is, without doubt, a Mummy’s boy.  My husband works quite long hours and a lot of the time it is just me and O.  Whilst… View Post

Well, my boy, this is it.  Our last year together before everything changes and you start school.  Our last year of heading out on a Thursday for a lazy breakfast or chilling in our PJ’s until we can be bothered to get dressed.  In just a few weeks we will be going together to look around the school we hope you will be attending next September, the school where you will begin your own journey, away from me. Whilst a lot of the next few months will be about preparing you for that next big step, there will also be… View Post

I shouldn’t really be writing this, I should be busy lesson planning and report writing and exam marking but I am  writing it so here goes. Work has been a bit crazy of late.  The summer term always is with end of year tests and reports and this year we have the added bonus of a peer to peer review (a fancy name for a fake Ofsted inpection by other local heads).  A Mocksted, if you like. At a time of year when everyone is exhausted, busy, stressed and with the knowledge that this date was handpicked by our head it… View Post

There’s no denying that kids love a phone, especially yours.  You can’t fool them, they’re not interested in any of that plastic tat, they want the real deal.  So you give in, you want to eat your pub dinner in peace and a shiny iPhone is as effective as a dummy was in those early days.  It may even give you time for a second bottle glass of wine. You weigh it up in your mind, is the drink in peace worth the following: 1.  You will have 53 photos in a row that look like this. 2.  Your favourite app… View Post