After having O we kept all of our baby purchases.  Moses basket, baby rocker, changing bag, nursery furniture, we have it all.  For that reason we can’t really justify buying it all new again when there is nothing wrong with what we have, but that doesn’t stop a girl from looking does it?  There are so many beautiful items out there which weren’t around when I had O, or I just wasn’t aware of. Just for fun here are a few of my favourite baby items that would be top of my shopping list if we were starting from scratch,… View Post

When I was pregnant with O I worried constantly about making sure we would have everything we needed.  I researched, I spoke to friends, I read all the baby magazines about what would be the best brands to buy, what were essentials and what would we probably be able to get away without. It’s only when you become a mum and you start to get to know your baby that you realise what they need and what you will use.  One of our most useless items was the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, despite being told my someone it would be… View Post