When I found out I was expecting our second child there was very little that we needed to buy as I had kept almost everything from when we had O.  Items were stored away in the garage, outside shed and in the attic so as we got closer to my due date we started to retrieve the newborn essentials from their hiding places.  One of the items we had put into the attic was the Moses basket.  The basket I had spent hours choosing first time round. When it was pulled out of the black bin bags that had been… View Post

A little over a year ago I wrote you a letter, a letter that at the time it broke my heart to write. I can still remember the tears streaming down my face as I tried to put into words the thoughts going round my head as I faced up to the very real possibility that I would never have the chance to know you. Well as I write this I’m crying again, but for a very different reason. This time the tears are flowing because I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I am so thankful that you… View Post

One of my favourite things about the new baby preparations has been planning the new nursery.  With O we worked with what we had, there was no new wallpaper or curtains and as lovely as it was it still felt a little like the spare bedroom rather than a nursery.  It’s only been this year that we have decorated the room for him and it is still awaiting new curtains. The new nursery was a completely different matter, the room had been my husbands office and (once the Manchester United memorabilia had been taken off the walls) it was a… View Post

April is C Section Awareness Month and as in just a few weeks I will be having my second section I wanted to share our story of what happened the first time round… I never had a birth plan, I didn’t even attempt to write one.  I was more than prepared to go with the flow and didn’t want to feel that I had to stick to something.  I mentioned I’d quite like to just have gas and air if possible (something my husband found hilarious) and if we could avoid it I didn’t really want an epidural.  The one… View Post