Two weeks running for me and my Little Love posts, I’m feeling quite proud of myself.  Okay, I may be a bit late in the day with it but better late than never!  How has your week been?  We seem to have come through the Beast from the East pretty unscathed.  There was enough cold and snow showers to be a bit of a pain (and halt extension proceedings for a day or two) but not enough to warrant a full on proper snow day which was a bit disappointing. Read Mostly weather reports, with fingers crossed a huge snow… View Post

It’s been such a long time since I’ve written one of these posts, or any sort of post if I’m being honest, but we’ve had such a busy, lovely, slightly hectic week it made me remember why I used to love my weekly Little Love posts so much. If ever a linky was going to lure me back it was going to be this one. The past couple of months have been a bit crazy, my husband has a new job, the extension has started and so it was a much needed half term break for us this week and… View Post

Working out which interior design style suits you and your likes and dislikes can certainly be confusing. But knowing your rustic from your farmhouse, as well as the key elements on the Scandinavian look can help you create the look in your home that you crave. Bohemian Style Also known as Bo-Ho, this is the style for those who have a deep sense of the individual. It is a case, in some ways, of anything goes and so if you love colourful collections and unconventional displays, take a look at what Bo-Ho offers. Coastal Style A tough style to pull… View Post

Your dog is very much a part of the family, so why shouldn’t your garden be a reflection of that? I know what you’re thinking, having a dog running in the garden means that you can’t have a beautiful lawn, let alone gorgeous flower beds, rosebushes, Skip Cherry Laurel Shrubs from The Tree Center or anything else! But if you take a little time your garden can be a little haven for your dog as well as the rest of your family no matter the season. Make your surfaces pet friendly If you want them to walk on paths instead… View Post