Last week my little man was feeling under the weather. He appeared to pick up Monday and Tuesday, but it turns out it was the calm before the storm. On Wednesday he had one spot, a few more on Thursday and by Friday he was covered. Chicken pox! Hearing your child sobbing in discomfort whilst crying “mummy, help me!” is absolutely heartbreaking. I followed the advice; bathed him in porridge oats, covered him in soothing gel and gave him Calpol, but there is no magic cure. We’ve just got to wait it out. Yesterday was the worst day and all… View Post

All weekend plans are cancelled We won’t be going out Chicken pox has paid a visit We’re certainly in no doubt It started off quite mildly The odd spot here or there But now there’s bloody loads of them Even in his hairĀ 

I admit it, I’m a control freak, with a hint of OCD. It drives me mad when the kids at school don’t push all their chairs under the desk, or when they put their bags on the desk or chair (they belong on the floor children), and any finger tappers get “the stare!” There’s nothing more annoying than a finger tapper! Now that O is well into the toddler phase he is increasingly independent, and the most commonly used phrase in our house is “I do it!” As a mum I am delighted to watch O develop, but the control… View Post