I admit it, I’m a control freak, with a hint of OCD. It drives me mad when the kids at school don’t push all their chairs under the desk, or when they put their bags on the desk or chair (they belong on the floor children), and any finger tappers get “the stare!” There’s nothing more annoying than a finger tapper! Now that O is well into the toddler phase he is increasingly independent, and the most commonly used phrase in our house is “I do it!” As a mum I am delighted to watch O develop, but the control… View Post

Sometimes I feel like a bit of a lazy mum.  That I don’t do enough with O.  That I should be crafting, and painting, and just generally doing more activities with him. Last week was half term so the perfect chance to do more things together.  So we baked cakes, planted seeds, “attempted” to do some crafty stuff, did lots of drawing and colouring and we had a wonderful time together. I love this picture of him mixing his cake, he did a fabulous job (and only a bit of it went on the floor!)

Since becoming a mum my memory is pretty much shot to pieces.  My husband would point out it was fairly crap to start off with, but now it’s horrendous.  If it’s not on a to do lists, there’s a 97% chance I won’t remember it.