Over the past 10 years one of the biggest problems to creep into the classroom is the rise of the mobile phone! When I first started teaching it wasn’t a problem, hardly anyone had them, and if they did they stayed in their bags, on silent. But then came the introduction of the smart phone and with it Facebook, Twitter and more recently Snapchat. For the record, I still have no idea what Snapchat is, but I hear the young ‘uns talking about it, so it must be the latest in thing!

I’m a little bit late this week as it’s been a bit of a busy one. I’m one very happy bunny it’s the weekend! Read I’ve struggled to read anything this week, so a slap on the wrist and much do better next week! Watched I know I’ve mentioned this before but Revenge was fantastic this week. Too good to not mention! I normally wait until Saturday to watch it, but I’ll be tuning in at 9pm on Monday to find our what’s happened to Emily.

My poor little Year 7 classes are always bottom of my priority list. With three A level and three GCSE classes, they are the two I feel I’m least on the ball with. Maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself, but I always worry my lessons could be better planned, with better resources, their book better marked. However, this year I’ve found these have been the lessons I’ve enjoyed the most. I love the enthusiasm of 11/12 year olds and their innocence. In each of the classes there are a couple of real characters, who really make me smile.… View Post