The men in my life are a nightmare to buy for. My dad has no real hobbies and now that he’s retired I can’t even go with the safe option of a nice tie or fancy pen. I’ve given up buying my brother anything other than vouchers as when he insisted on a “surprise” it would always be something he didn’t like and he’s never learnt the good grace to pretend to like it and return the damn thing later. My husband is no better as he is the bloke who has everything and as for the mini-man in my… View Post

I sometimes have moments when I sit at work and honestly think “what the hell am I doing here?” Kids are crackers! Unpredictable, thoughtless and way too honest for my liking. One of these moments came last week one of my Year 7 kids pulled a potato out of his pocket with a face he’d drawn on and declared it’s name was Rodney! These moments occur every now and then, and can leave me completely speechless. Sometimes there really are no words. Let me share a few of those “precious” moments. A year 10 boy shouting out in class “god… View Post

  This week we have been struck down with our first childhood illness, Chicken Pox.  Poor O has been feeling pretty rubbish but is just starting to pick up.  After days of having virtually no appetite, he’s getting his hunger back and asked for cheese for lunch. Silly me tried to cut it into strips and turned around to find he’d rummaged in the kitchen cupboards to pull out the grater,  “No Mummy, use this!”  Whatever keeps a poorly boy happy!  

Last week my little man was feeling under the weather. He appeared to pick up Monday and Tuesday, but it turns out it was the calm before the storm. On Wednesday he had one spot, a few more on Thursday and by Friday he was covered. Chicken pox! Hearing your child sobbing in discomfort whilst crying “mummy, help me!” is absolutely heartbreaking. I followed the advice; bathed him in porridge oats, covered him in soothing gel and gave him Calpol, but there is no magic cure. We’ve just got to wait it out. Yesterday was the worst day and all… View Post