Now that my little man is feeling a lot better we spent Sunday attempting to feed the ducks.  As it was the first sunny Sunday of the year the first place we tried was so crazy busy we couldn’t park up and the second place we tried had lots of too full ducks who weren’t interested in our late offerings. Luckily there was a lovely park nearby with a great slide, the only thing O is really interested in, which made up for the lack of duck interest!

Apart from for the first 3 months Little O was the perfect sleeper (I know, I know, smug mum alert! Please don’t hate me!) He was sleeping through the night at 4 months and was one of those babies that would happily amuse themselves in a morning lying in their cot whilst me and his dad had an extra half hours kip. Things started to change around the time O discovered he could open and close doors. This coincided with his move from his cot into a big boy bed. He was no longer happy to spend all night in… View Post

Having missed last week as I was a bit overwhelmed looking after a little spotty boy I’ve decided to combine weeks 9 and 10 and focus on the positives of the past 2 weeks so here goes: Read I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to read more blogs over the past couple of weeks, and I’ve developed a new blog crush.  I love Life At The Little Wood, a great blog written by Emma.  If you haven’t popped over yet, I suggest you do.  You won’t be disappointed.